CSI: Cyber – Sudden Hack at the End of the Super Bowl Episode

The New Season of CSI: Cyber could soon have a Season Finale that would surprise fans with a Hack, and have them wondering how they would like it if this was the episode that ended. Well, this is the real question to think about.

The CBS TV Channel has announced that there will be a Sudden Hack at the end of this Super Bowl Special of CSI: Cyber. Many fans would love this Hack if this were indeed the Episode that would last as a last Season Finale, but all the popular fans will probably hold off from the idea.

The hacker known as “Root” hacked into the server of the Digital Forensics and Crime Lab (DFCL) and got the password reset by the machine’s owner; John Root, (CSI: Cyber) himself. In the end of the hacking incident, his password was left in clear text.

Root knew that someone would steal the password, but he did not expect that someone else would hack into the same server to get DFLCL’s secrets. Apparently, even Root is not really sure what to think about this hacking incident.

John is actually working on setting up his own private detective agency and had planned to have a Miss Belvedere act as his partner. But now that she has been hacked, John is quite dumbfounded and he can’t believe how far this hacker went just to get a DFLCL’s password. The only other person John thinks he can trust now is Lucy, and John believes she has already been hacked. Learn more information about Episode Free Passes Hack

This whole episode is so confusing to Root, that he cannot even understand how someone can do such a thing, let alone try to solve the case. John and Lucy are now two detectives on their own, and there are things they need to figure out in order to solve the case.

If there was a conclusion to this episode that would make any fan happy, then it would have to be that they were right in thinking that there would be a Season Finale that would have to go with this hacking episode. This would have to be the best conclusion for a TV show that was already on the air.

As the finale of the Season, it would be a good thing if the Digital Forensics Lab was able to come up with a solution that would help solve the case. After all, many fans would love a Season Finale that ends with a finish as satisfying as this one.

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