“Flanders Fields”,”

Your garden will be buzzing—with helpful bees and compliments—when you plant colorful monarda, or bee balm. Lotuses are close relatives to the water lily, and there are two different species – the North American native,Nelumbo lutea, and the other found in Asia,Nelumbo nucifera. Within those species are many varieties, ranging from ones that grow two to six or eight feet tall and others with leaves ranging from three inches to three feet wide.

The belfry of the Town Hall, solid and chunky, which was destroyed many times, in 1794, 1918 and 1940. Directly adjacent to the Vijverbenodigdheden the town hall built in 1700, offers a fine example of classical building. The grand staircase in the lobby is a classified architectural work. During the Battle of France, Generalleutnant Max von Hartlieb-Walsporn ordered his 5th Panzer Division to invade Le Quesnoy on 18 May 1940. The town was defended by a small force which included a battalion of Moroccan Tirailleurs. The result was a four-day siege which kept von Hartlieb-Walsporn’s force in place at a time when other German armoured formations were making rapid progress.

Nickerson Lake boasts a truly valuable resource, its own wilderness preserve. In 1983, a parcel of 26.4 hectares of forested land and 1.6 km of lakeshore was donated by James Pierce, on condition that it should be kept “forever wild”. This parcel under the management of Nickerson Lake Wilderness Preservation, Inc., has grown to approximately 94.3 hectares , of which 2.8 km (1.75 miles) is lakeshore.

Preference is given to students who are Wilton residents, have attended Wilton schools, or have a connection to Wilson Lake. Special consideration is given to those with a special interest in environmental science, biology, or education. The awardee is given a personal plaque, and their name is added to the large scholarship plaque at the high school, which lists all the winners. We are grateful for an outstanding community of willing experts and teachers .

The provinces of West and East Flanders form the original, big-sky “”platte land,”” the flat countryside that haunted singer Jacques Brel’s imagination. The historic sites found here are a testimony to the unique spirit of the Belgian people who, centuries ago, took on France, Spain, and Germany. Highways southwest from Brugge and Gent point to where decisive battles have been waged since the time of Julius Caesar. Here, longbowmen fought cavalry in heraldic colors, and the battles intermittently continued through World War I. Drought risk is based on water supply stress, which measures how much of the available water in a location is used by human activity. The Clary Lake Association has been engaged in water quality monitoring on Clary Lake since 1975.

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