Executive Protection, Vip Protection

Whatever your transportation requirements, you choose the style in which you wish to travel. Choose from armored and unarmored vehicles, luxury cars, limos, and VIP SUVs, vans, and sedans. Once an attack begins, the perpetrators hold an immediate advantage over the defenders. As they react, the protective detail must identify the source of the attack, the location, and direction of the attack, determine the number of assailants and their weapons, and figure out how best to respond and escape from the kill zone. The armored vehicle transporting García Harfuch was ambushed by a large attack team armed with heavy weapons, including .50 caliber rifles intended to defeat the vehicle’s armor.

Scopus provides security and risk management services worldwide, empowering and enabling our clients to operate globally. Wherever our clients need to go, we protect them through technology, on the ground tactical support and our global intelligence network. They can operate overt or covert, are certified, highly trained agents, with extensive military and government backgrounds, and possess extensive experience in protecting high-profile individuals.

Today’s agents strive to be invisible, skilled professionals, while the agents of yesterday focused on being physically present and being seen. In an everchanging global landscape our goal is for our clients to be able to live without fear of personal safety. Their importance to corporate operations, their wealth, or even their political or religious affiliations can make them targets. This overreliance on physical force means that protection personnel will always have to operate on the reaction side of the equation, and this is a bad place to be if an attacker has been given free rein to assess security measures and plan an attack. Professional protection agents must be well-trained in both armed and unarmed combat.

So, if an EP agent is doing his or her job well, the client will often feel that a threat doesn’t even really exist. Constellis provides executive protection services for high profile individuals to ensure their safety and prevent security issues. Our discreet professionals specialize in helping government and commercial customers protect VIP personnel. With decades of experience, our protective security specialists are continually recognized for their commitment to professionalism and quality service.

Rather, they should recognize a potential problem early enough to avoid it completely. Tekashi69’s bodyguard, reportedly a member of the Nine Trey Blood street gang, had been barred from accompanying Tekashi69 into the establishment. The top bodyguard schools retaliated by hitting a bouncer over the head with a chair and he was subsequently shot by the bouncer. Some of the Oath Keepers members who served as Stone’s bodyguards were later seen involved in the assault against the Capitol and have been charged criminally.

Other teams might consider hiring people that were in law enforcement, or the military, but police and military training alone doesn’t make for quality EP. Chris’ inability to find solutions to reduce risk to this burgeoning threat led him to launch Black Cloak and bring to market the industry’s first Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy Protection Platform. Executive Protection is a format of highly personalised, close proximity security built around a person with an assumed or confirmed threat to their life. This type of protection involves an array of activities like reconnaissance, route planning, tactical sweeps of vulnerable areas, securing vehicles and venues, physically escorting a client and many more.

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